Lucky Horseshoe - A Wild Tale Of Meaning & Magic

Chances are you've heard about the luck of a horsehoe... but did you know that there's a long and colorful history behind this legend? I was so fascinated with the meanings and symbolism of the horseshoe that I had to bring it back to life in many of my handmadw wrap bracelet charms - and after you read this post, you'll know why!

Throughout Eurpose, especially in Germany, a lore exists that promises great luck to anyone who funds a horseshoe. The number of nails that remains in the shoe when it is found shows more luck! Throughout the area of Germany the horshoe is believed to be best when kept with its points up.

The stranger asked to see the shoe;
The farmer brought it into view;
But when the old man raised his head,
He laughed outright and quickly said:
"No wonder skies upon you frown,
You've nailed the horse-shoe upside down;
Just turn it round, and soon you'll see
How you and Fortune will agree."

-James T. Fields

The cup-like shape of the horse shoe is the perfect shape to hold in luck and make sure that it doesn't spill out. In various cultures across the globe, this one semingly random object has been given countless variations of power and lore - and there's truly something to it that cannot be ignored!

When hung above a door, the horseshoe is believed to deflect bad energies while keeping good ones inside the home. They may also be placed in charm bags, under beds, near keystones, or on barns to ensure various types of luck and protection.

If you want to bring the power of the horse shoe in to your life, you're in luck! I've taken this ancient tradition and given in modern life in the form of handmade charms wrap bracelets that will look great and open you up to all the good things you deserve! Click the image below to see them all!


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