Boho Chic Silk Wrap Bracelet with Lucky Bronze Buddha Head


Who doesn't like a lucky Buddha? And this one is so awesome! This silk wrap bracelet features a round bronze Buddha head connector. This is a new ribbon and charm and looks absolutely beautiful.

This bracelet is designed to bring you luck, happiness, and protection. The Buddha is believed to enhance good luck and wealth and is also a symbol of wisdom and compassion.

All of the silk ribbons I use are hand painted and simply stunning. The photos do not do them justice. Both the color and the texture are amazing. This one is a mix of browns and sage green with a sage edge.

The boho chic silk wrap bracelet with lucky bronze Buddha head is 42 inches long - Just wrap around your wrist, tie, tuck in the ends, and you are ready to go! This wrap also makes a great anklet or necklace, so you are really getting three pieces of jewelry in one.

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