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A Guide To Vintage Scrapbooking

Most people seem to be happy when technology introduces them to something new, however, they still appreciate the nostalgic feeling that a work of art, an architectural design, or even a historic automobile can provide them with. It is considered as vintage, and it is our attempt

How To Mix Oil Paint

Learning how to mix and control your colors can create a great difference in your painting. This means that the color mixing process has to be given the importance it deserves. Anytime you are dealing with colors, it is important to understand that colors have four main

How To Make A Cork Board

Making a cork board could be done simply with a roll of cork attached to an open frame, but why not make a more interesting looking board. Instead of gluing flat cork on a base, start by collecting the cork stops you normally discard from your wine

How To Do Oil Paintings From Photos

It’s easy to do an oil painting from a photo. The artist will add their artistic flair to the finished portrait. Let’s use a photo of a face for the example. The first action to take is to study the photograph. Carefully note where the light and

How To Make A Baby Scrapbook

Relatives of all sorts are always looking for a way to memorialize any celebration, and the birth of a new member of the family is hardly just any celebration. A scrapbook for the blessed event is usually a good start. The scrapbook pulls together a number of

How To Make A Rag Rug

Creating your own rag rug is an inexpensive way to add a decorative touch and some warmth to any room. It is also an eco-friendly way to use old clothes and fabric that you have around the house. These rugs are easy to make and require just

How To Make Pottery Mugs

One can display their creativity by making their own pottery mug. There are several steps involved in putting together a mug including the purchase of clay, the use of a potter’s wheel, access to an oven, and purchasing glaze for the finished product. First, make certain quality

How To Use A Pottery Wheel

Making pottery bowls and mugs looks like it could be a difficult process, but really almost anyone can learn to make beautiful ceramics. The process is easy and fun and you only need a few simple tools, some clay and a pottery wheel. A pottery wheel is

How To Take Beach Photos

Taking the perfect beach photos can be quite a challenging venture. A photographer has to struggle with numerous issues to acquire perfect images. These range from the typical overcrowded beach to factors as unpredictable as the weather. Some people think taking the best photos are achieved during

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