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How To Draw Using Charcoal

Drawing with charcoal presents some special circumstances that have to be navigated in order to have a successful work of art. Charcoal can be dusty, and it smears really easily. To traverse this problem, the correct equipment will be necessary. Dust control will be a necessary component

How To Mix Oil Paint

Learning how to mix and control your colors can create a great difference in your painting. This means that the color mixing process has to be given the importance it deserves. Anytime you are dealing with colors, it is important to understand that colors have four main

How To Do Oil Paintings From Photos

It’s easy to do an oil painting from a photo. The artist will add their artistic flair to the finished portrait. Let’s use a photo of a face for the example. The first action to take is to study the photograph. Carefully note where the light and

How To Make Playdough

Playdough is a fun and simple toy for children of all ages that began its existence as a form of cleaner for wallpaper. It does not leave stains, but can lead to sparking a child’s creativity and imagination. However, a multicolored array of the legitimate, official “Play-Doh”

How To Do Ribbon Weaving For Kids

Ribbon weaving is an excellent activity that can be taught to kids for any type of occasion. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for an activity for a party or a way to have a child utilize their creativity in a positive manner. Whatever the reason

How To Make Hand Shadow Puppets

Individuals can quickly and easily learn how to make hand shadow puppets. Children love this interactive pastime, and adults can help young hands form their own puppet styles. Animals are a popular choice when deciding on a character. For bunnies, turn your fist hand until the thumb

How To Do A Flower Design In Crochet

Supplies needed Yarn Crochet hook Start with a circle To begin creating a flower, a circle needs to be made. To make a circle, make a slip knot onto the hook and chain four. Next, join the chain together. Insert the hook into the first chain slip

How To Hold A Crochet Hook

Crocheting is an art form of yarn work which never gets old. There is nothing (omit) like a cozy afghan on a cold wintry night. Think about those lovely scarves from both decorative, lightweight ones to warmer ones in the cold of winter. Top off the look

How To Crochet

You may think that crocheting can be a difficult task but it is actually a very simple and satisfying hobby. There are no limits when it comes to crocheting because you can make endless creations for yourself and for others as gifts. If you have ever wanted

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